EDN Abogados represents a new generation of lawyers with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, innovative and international perspective, with lawyers authorized to practice in Chile, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg, delivering a first class service. We act as a bridge when investing abroad or distributing foreign funds in Latam, thanks to our extensive experience working in and with the most sophisticated markets in the world.

The firm's lawyers are part of top-level work teams, both legally and personally. They engage with leading clients in their industries and have the opportunity to work with multiple jurisdictions.

Practice Areas

EDN Abogados takes its name from three key concepts associated with our professional practice: Company, Law and Business (“Empresa Derecho Negocios”). In the context of these three worlds, our practice areas cover the main legal branches that allow companies, investment funds and entities to operate successfully within the regulatory framework of the legal system.

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Flexibility, innovation and creativity are part of our essence.

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